Help reduce PMS by talking about it – even to men!

A really simple technique to reduce your PMS symptoms is to talk openly about the topic with your loved ones and especially those that you live with.

This should be a really easy discussion, but as we know, from an early age it is instilled in us that PMS is a taboo subject, that we should hide all symptoms and never, ever mention the word “Period” in public!!

PMS is often used by the opposite sex as the reason why a female’s mood may be low, even if PMS has nothing to do with it….

Due to this way of thinking, tension is created within everyone who suffers from PMS or those who just have a period. This tension manifests as negative thought patterns associated to Periods and PMS which in time becomes a habitual way of thinking, causing stress to the subconscious mind every time you reach your 28th day.

To reduce this tension we need to remove the negative thoughts associated, such as:

–          I should be happy

–          Even if I did tell them, they would not take this condition seriously

–          It’s just a “women thing”

–          I should not moan about it

–          It’s embarrassing

–          No one must know that I am having my period!

and replace them with positive new ones….. one way of doing this is to talk openly with your loved ones.

Explained to them how PMS makes you feel, how you typically react and most importantly what you need from them when a symptom develops – this can make the world of difference because suddenly they understand, they know what you need and what they can do to make you feel better – remember they are your loved ones, they will support you – they just need to know how they can help!

So this month, make a positive step and start talking about PMS and Periods!

It’s important, so please do not hide it – share it 🙂

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