Let’s have a happy month!

Do you know how you will feel when your period arrives? Do you know how you may react if a particular situation occurs? Do you know what annoys you?……….

I’m guessing you know the answers to the above questions and the answers are fairly instinctive…. This is mainly because our mind is great at reminding us of any negative thoughts or feelings, as this is part of the natural human process of fight or flight, the self protection mechanism formed hundreds of years ago to detect a threat to our survival.

But the mind is not so great at reminding us of our positive thoughts or feelings, which means if you expect a bad period every month then you more than likely will due to your subconscious mind preparing for a war when your period starts…

So make peace with your Period and PMS, acknowledge any moods of low energy or discomfort and fill your mind with self compassion and soothing thoughts.

This month, practice expecting nothing when your period starts and instead focus on having a great month rather than a bad 7 days!

Positive Thinking - Happy Month

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