Use PMS as a Life Tool

PMS has always been regarded as a negative phase in our life.

But have you ever considered that it could be used in a positive way?

During your PMS phase, I recommend that you write everything down that either bothers, irritates or frustrates you.

This practice will enable you to re-visit your list once your PMS phase is over… rather than airing your views at the time, which will help you to prevent any of those potentially explosive situations from arising!

PMS increases our emotional awareness and if used positively, it can allow us to see the areas of our life that we are just not happy with, so that we can deal with them constructively, once we enter the Communication phase of our monthly cycle.

The Communication phase is when you are in the best possible frame of mind to deal with your frustrations constructively, allowing you to make those important life changes or hold those difficult conversations, knowing that you will achieve the best possible result.

The benefit of this method, is that by dealing with your problems in the Communication phase, it allows you to re-enter the PMS phase, knowing that you have already dealt with the issues that normally cause all of the problems.

PMS Phases

PMS Phases

5 thoughts on “Use PMS as a Life Tool

  1. I’m 56 and still menstruating like clockwork every 28 days…….but obviously I must be in perimenopause at my age also. I am not taking any hormones. I have pretty bad pms but not every month, how do i know what is perimenopause mood swings and symptoms and what is just pms?


    • Hi, I would try not to think of PMS and Perimenopause as two different things…. But focus on journal keeping every day, record how you feel, your frustrations, your symptoms. This will allow you to spot the early signs of you entering a phase that could develop into an emotionally challenging time. Meaning that you can decide on the best course of action to control/resolve your symptoms, rather than letting your symptoms control you. Hope this helps.


  2. Thanks for this.
    I found an article by Julie Holland in the NY Times very useful. Look it up “Medicating Women’s Feelings”
    Good luck riding your PMT this month, first thing I did this morning was burst into tears but I felt much better for it!


    • Hey, thanks for your article suggestion, I will take a look … Having a good cry is really great, as it helps everyone to let go of the emotions we do not need and provides instant relief, it’s very similar to how you can feel if you tell someone that you are feeling a bit “PMS’y”, instant pressure reliever :)x


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