Have you taken action yet?

I have met a number of people over the years who are very aware that they have PMS, maybe they have read some books, watched some YouTube videos… but most have never actually taken any action, even though they have spent many hours researching different tools and techniques.

Maybe these people are just not ready…? As to be honest, it does take a huge amount of commitment to achieve any real results and to ensure that they stay a habitual part of your life.

PMS can be cured! …. But it really depends on if you are ready for the journey?

The journey can be very long, filled with many lows at first, but it’s so fantastic when you actually start to see results for yourself, such as improvements in relationships, reduction in monthly tension and of course your first fully Happy Month, wow that’s a great feeling!

So are you ready to take action?

If you are, then you may be interested to know that I am in the process of writing a 31 day workbook, which will aid you in your journey to become PMS free…. and I hope that this will be available from Amazon very soon!

PMS Action

The body is the barometer of the soul

Annette Noontil, author of the book “The body is the barometer of the soul” suggests one reason why women may experience PMS:

Your need is to love yourself and to know that the love you are looking for is inside you. When you live your love, you are an example to others. Where there is love there is no pain.

I personally feel that this is a great quote, it emphasises the need to love ourselves, the need to provide ourselves with support and the power of positive self talk.

In addition the text highlights the need for us to constantly strive towards our aspirations, goals and dreams so that we can begin to live the life we love, creating a state of inner peace and contentment from within.

I firmly believe that if you make a positive step towards any dream or a goal this can have a remarkable effect on the wellbeing of your mind and body.

  • So what are your dreams and goals?
  • Is there a hobby you have always wanted to try or a place you have wanted to visit or would you really like to change career?

It’s very odd, but I know that if I am working towards a goal or looking forward to an event in my life then suddenly PMS reduces… maybe your thoughts really can heal your life!



A Great Book – Self Compassion by Kristin Neff

A book I highly recommend is Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff:


Self-Compassion is not a skill natural to most people, as we tend to be better at negative self talk.

If Self-Compassion is low or non-existent then getting through any difficult times of the month can be very challenging, but by introducing self-compassion then those challenging times can become that little bit easier, as you will be providing yourself with the support needed rather than just constantly attacking yourself with negative talk!

The book highlights questions such as:

  • If we cannot be compassionate with ourselves at difficult times of the month then who will be?
  • Would you talk to a friend using the same words and tone, as you do with yourself when you make a mistake?

So make self-compassion a new habit… use words that support and comfort you, not ones that would make your best friend cry!

You will really feel the difference on a bad PMS day 🙂